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Jessica and Caren co-own the school and have been in education with over 26 years of combined experience. Both are happily married and have two children each. (Caren two boys and Jessica two girls).

Both Caren and Jessica have a passion for working with children and had always dreamed of opening their own school. After meeting in 2010 they realized they had a shared dream of educating children in pure Montessori methodology and knew that in order to do that they would need to open an authentic Montessori Children’s House together. They taught in the environment up until 2015 when it became clear that they needed to focus more on the business side of Baobab. Both the toddler and preschool classes are now run by hard-working, passionate and dedicated directresses.

Caren studied Montessori teaching through the Montessori Academy while Jessica studied through the College of Modern Montessori. Through their shared dedication and hard work they have managed to make their dreams become a reality in opening Baobab Montessori.

With their outgoing, enthusiastic and loving nature they are building Baobab Montessori into the school that encompasses all their shared values and beliefs.

More of our Team Members



Melissa is the head directress in the pre-school environment. She loves to bake and often treats us to her delicious creations. Melissa completed her Montessori Practical Training with us in 2015 and never left after qualifying. Her other qualifications include a BA Honours degree in psychology from WITS. Melissa has a passion for children and enjoys working with them; this she discovered when she started working with disadvantaged children years ago and has since never looked back. Melissa is a caring, nurturing teacher that shines through in her approach with the children who are entrusted in her care.



Tash is one of our newest additions to the pre-school class and Baobab team. She loves cooking, English literature, travelling and music. She worked for City Year South Africa for a year working in disadvantaged schools and communities around the city. This experience reinforced her interest in early childhood development and education. She studied Psychology, English Literature and community development practices at Wits before starting her Montessori journey. Tash has lived and travelled extensively in and around Europe for 5 years. Her travels took her on a different path but teaching remained a constant passion. Through her travels she discovered the wonderful workings of the Montessori method and started her studies at The College of Modern Montessori on her return to South Africa.



Sarah is our toddler directress focusing on the development of children between the ages of 15 months to 3 years old. Sarah completed her Montessori qualifications at Auburn House in Cape Town. Sarah loves being apart of a child’s first introduction into school and the Montessori curriculum. Their developing language as well as attention to detail and movement is what motivates her each morning. Sarah worked at Baobab from 2015 through to 2016, after leaving to pursue a dream in Israel she returned to South Africa and to us in 2019.


Emily joined us in 2015 and is an assistant in the pre-school environment. Emily loves music and is often seen singing and dancing with the children. Emily has two of her own children aged 24 and 16, and she also cares for her sisters two children aged 10 and 3. Emily's vibrant personality is loved by all, especially the children in the class.
Winnie N


Winnie is the lead teacher’s assistant in the 3-6 environment and joined the team in 2014. Winnie has been happily married for almost 20 years and is a mom to two boys aged 16 and 10 who both play club soccer. With her proactive and positive attitude Winnie is a tremendous help to both the teachers and the children and we could not do without her.


Jennifer is the lead teaching assistant in the toddler environment. Jennifer joined Jessica and Caren from inception in 2011, with her loving spirit and hard work she has helped turn the toddler class into a caring, nurturing environment where the children thrive. Jen is not only an amazing Montessorian but also a mom to two teenagers.
Winnie K


Winnie has been an assistant in the toddler environment since she joined our team in 2013. Winnie is incredibly helpful and no job is too big for her. Winnie loves art and is always busy with a project of some sort be it painting, drawing or sewing. She is always smiling and shares her happiness with the children daily. Her quiet and calm approach to teaching is what assists so many to potty train in a positive way.


Rose is our after-care teacher and “Aunty” to all. Rose has been with us since 2014. She is happily married and assists her husband run his business. Rose is a mom of four and granny to five. Rose is always cooking up new and exciting things in the kitchen and loves getting the children involved. She loves doing arts and crafts with the children and is always busy with them in the afternoons. Rose has extensive knowledge in children with special needs and adds experience and knowledge to our team.


Kgotso is the school grounds man and handles the day to day maintenance of the school. Kgotso is a caring, patient, reliable man who we cannot do without. Kgotso is also our head security man where safety in and around the school is his main priority.

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