Baobab Montessori provides an atmosphere in which children:
  • Develop logical thinking and emotional & creative intelligence
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Develop independence
  • Have opportunities to make choices and decisions
  • Receive built-in feedback
  • Have opportunities to reflect
  • Become responsible towards themselves
  • Become able to appreciate who they are and live their strengths
  • Receive assistance in developing all-round skills
  • A balance of freedom and boundaries

  • Opportunities to become responsible human beings

  • An aesthetic surrounding that requires care

  • Quality interaction with teachers

  • Varied social interaction through the availability of a multi-age range

  • Equipment that allows individual interaction

    • "Our two boys were at Baobab Montessori from 2013 until the youngest graduated to "big school" at the end of 2019. From the first day to the last, across all the teachers we encountered at the school, we felt the boys were nurtured and loved in a highly personalized and caring environment. The Montessori way of teaching really complimented our children and they both entered Grade R with a solid base of numeracy and letters which I feel gave them an early advantage. Over and above the teaching, the school also offers gymnastics, ballet, music, and swimming as extra murals – offering added convenience for working parents. The meals lovingly prepared by Auntie Rose in aftercare were nutritious, balanced, and affordable. Added to this, the school hosted many events like "special parents day" and mothers/fathers day – plus the famous annual concert – which allow parents to engage with the young ones and teachers and feel part of the school. It was a very sad day when the last Harpur boy left Baobab and we would highly recommend this school to anyone in the area!"
      —Bridget Harpur
    • "The Montessori methodology is only as good as the people managing it. The Baobab staff are exceptional in this regard. They have created a nurturing and enabling environment that has seen my children achieve all their milestones cheerfully and comfortably. The staff create a safe and secure learning community that engages regularly with us as parents and provides an authentic holistic experience. Overall, our phase at Baobab was an outstanding and memorable journey."
      —Vanessa Crawford
    • "I absolutely LOVE Baobab! Being a Montessori teacher myself, I was worried that I wouldn’t find a school that fitted "my Montessori standards", but I couldn’t be happier with Baobab! Bailey is spending her 4th year there, it really is her home away from home! Would highly recommend Baobab!"
      —Robyn Craig
    • "From the moment we stepped foot into Baobab, we felt at home and knew this was the environment we wanted our kids to be part of. It felt intimate and friendly. 6+ years down the line, both our girls have now graduated from there and moved onto big school. They were both more than prepared for the next chapter in their lives and are both thriving, due to the solid foundation they received at Baobab. We became part of the family and it was hard to say goodbye at the end."
      —Robyn Lesicnik

      Baobab Montessori

      26 West Hertford Road
      011 463 7894

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